Legends Trivia Questions

It's not easy getting the 'right' questions together for a trivia night. After all, anyone can make up some trivia questions to ask. What Legends Trivia provides is a complete trivia package to run a trivia night with a proven mix of questions. We have found what we think are the best questions, not too easy or too hard, not irrelevant or obscure. They are entertaining, thought provoking and memorable. Our goal is to have people talking about the questions for weeks to follow.

Sample Questions:

What animal linked name describes someone who always gets blamed?  Scapegoat
How many James Bond movie titles have just one word in the title?  5
Which is the lowest whole number, when spelt out, is in correct alphabetical order?


How many "c's" denote the value of a diamond? 4 (Cut, Clarity. Colour, Carat)
What is 'felicide'?  Killing a Cat
According to Tina Turner, what is the speed limit in Nutbush?  25 MPH
Which movie was released as 'Vaselina' in Venezuela?  Grease

Other Novelty & Bonus Questions:

All Legends Trivia packages include a Who Am I bonus question and a Tonight's Task novelty Question.

Tonight's Task: This is a task for players to complete during the night. For example, match faces with names, match the actor with his/her movie or solve a word puzzle. Usually the Tonight's Task is only used in the event of a tie, its main role is to keep players occupied between rounds.

Who Am I: As the name suggests, this question requires the players to solve the clues and name the person. A new clue is offered each round with the number of bonus points players can win falling with each additional clue. For example, the first clue might start "I was born in ..." and be worth 6 points. Teams only get one answer for the competition.

Music Round: The music round is the perfect finish to the trivia night, it is great fun and usually gets everyone involved. Test your music trivia now by clicking the icon below. Whith which movie do you associate this song:


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